Home Made Star Wars Snowflakes – How Fun

DIY Star Wars Snowflakes

by  on Friday, December 17th, 2011

Snowflake Stormtrooper

Shout out to Matters of Grey for this fun posting that they passed on.  See below.  To make this a really Cheap Trick, Use old magazine pages or scrap paper to print and cut out your snowflake.

With the holidays right around the corner we thought it would be fun to make some snowflakes. In our hunt we came across some Star Wars snowflakes created by a husband and wife.

After making a few of these we began thinking about improving the design. The first idea we had was to impose the cutting stencil on the circle diagram to make it quicker to cutout. After that, we created a few designs of our own.

Thanks to the couple that spawned the idea! The Imperial logo in the center is what really makes the design.

If you like these, make sure to download one of our Star Wars ringtones. Receiving a text message with the sound of a light saber is a moment to behold.


  1. Click Diagram link to download the PDF
  2. Print the PDF
  3. Cut the circle out
  4. Fold the diagram. You can use the couple’s directions if you want. We found doing a accordion fold worked better for us.
  5. Cut the grey area out (you may need an Exacto knife for some of the designs)
  6. Unfold and hang!


Snowflake Boba Fett Boba Fett

Diagram PDF

Stormtrooper Stormtrooper

Diagram PDF

Snowflake Darth Vader Darth Vader

Diagram PDF

Snowflake Clonetrooper Clonetrooper

Diagram PDF

R2-D2 R2-D2

Diagram PDF   from Randy Slavey

From Andy Herrera Designs



Diagram PDF



Diagram PDF



Diagram PDF



Diagram PDF

Scout Trooper

Scout Trooper

Diagram PDF


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Family Secrets

My grandmother (we called her Oma) had this way of making Chocolate Chip cookies that were delicious but different from the typical recipe…hers always settled into this flat crispy cookie with bumps of chocolate goodness.  She would never give me the recipe (not to be mean or anything) declaring that she always followed the back of the Toll-House Chip bag.  But that is not true.  I followed that same recipe and mine became puffy and more cake line lumps..(still tasty mind you…)  I have spent years working on this, attempting to make a recipe that comes out the way I remember my Oma’s cookies…and here is how I have come close.

Laura’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (In honor of Oma)


2 ¼  cups flour
1 tsp Backing Soda
1 Tsp Salt
1 Cup (2 stick Butter (no margarine, no shortening) (room temp – not melted)

¾ cup granulated sugar
¾ cup packed dark brown sugar
2 tsp Pure Vanilla extract
2 large eggs
2 cups or 12 oz of semi-sweet Chocolate Morsels (Nestles Toll-House does work the best)
½ cup rolled oats…instant or not
1/3 cup of toffee crunch chips (heath bar)
1 cup of coarsely shopped walnuts or dried fruit (if desired I like the walnuts

Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Beat Butter, sugars and vanilla until creamy, add in the eggs beat until well mixed and fluffy.  Gradually beat in the flour first then the salt, baking soda, then add in the oats.  (can substitute ¼ cup of the flour for an additional ¼ of oats if desired)

Stir in the morsels and toffee chips.

Bake 8-11 minutes or until golden brown.  Cool on the baking sheet for a minute
Time varies depending on oven temp and desired doneness…Cookies will puff up in the oven and settle down to a thinner cookie when cooled…(when properly cooked)

Result…a crunchy cookie that shows it morsels of full of flavor.

Option: Create a full recipe.  Cook the number of desired cookies…then roll the remaining dough into cookie logs wrapped in cellophane plastic and tin foil.  This will keep for a month or two in the freezer.  Then slice off your cookies and bake when desired.

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Laura’s Cheap Trick #86

Save & Reuse the Birthday Candles.

We just had a birthday in our house and I was reminded of a trick I have been using since I was a child and blew out the candles of my own birthday cake.  Once they blown out, pull them out of the cake wash them off and save them in a container till the next birthday rolls around.  This accomplishes 2 things, first you will always have candles on hand, second you have saved money and resources.  And after all how long do they really burn on the cake…and candles are always easier to light after they have been lit once.

Note:  A tip from my friend Savanna, Hand wash them only.  Do not be tempted to put your candles in the dish washer.  You will find nothing but a pile of strings at the bottom of the basin when the wash is done : )

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Laura’s Cheap Trick #85

Quick Home Made Snack!

You have been asked to bring a plate of cookies and you have no time.  But the thought of plopping down a bag or Oreo’s does not appeal to you.  This fast recipe will be a big hit, make you a star of home made treats and save you cash and clean up.

I speak of the Pretzel Turtles of course.  The recipe is simple:

Bag of Rolos or Chocolate kisses, Bag of pretzles, bag of nuts or m&m’s.  place an unwrapped rolo on a small pretzel, heat at 350 for 1-2 minutes the mush a nut or m&m on top.  Here are some links:

Pretzel Turtles

Chocolate Pretzels

Now for the Cheap Trick…you can easily snip the rolos in half with a pair of kitchen shears and place the cut side down on the pretzel.  Twice the number of treats, half the calories!


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Laura’s Cheap Trick #84

Box Tops – Save them and give them to your local school.

If you have kids in school you already are doing this but for the rest of you out there.  If you purchase a product with the box top emblem.  Cut it out and save it in a baggie and donate them to your local school once or twice a year.  Or better yet give them to a school aged child to bring in for their class room.  Schools raise money for playground, physical education, art and musical equipment from this fundraiser.

You school not doing this?  Sign them up and be the organizer.  Here is the link:  BoxTops4Eduction

Note: They do have expiration dates so don’t hold them forever.

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Laura’s Cheap Trick #83

Free Fries Friday…

Check out your local Burger King today.  They are promoting their new fries and offering a free small size all day today.  No purchase necessary.


Here is the link to the specifics.  Burger King

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Laura’s Cheap Trick #82

Male v. Female Products. Does it really matter?

Okay this really happened to me this past weekend…my daughter texts me frantic just prior to her track meet…can you quick buy a razor and bring it to me at the meet I forgot to shave.  (And as we moms all realize the importance of looking your best as you swing your sweaty bodies over the high bar or sprint as fast as you can to the finish line…I promptly stopped at CVS to pick up a single blade for the child.  (I know I’m a sucker.)

So here is what I found in the travel size section.  Two sets of packages.  One for men with a photo of a mans face, a double blade aloe enriched razor with a green handle.  2 bins above it was the identical product but in packaging that declared it for women and a woman’s legs daintily posed on the package and the handle in pink.  The male blades $2.19 the female blades $3.19.  What?  Hmm. I wonder out loud how many women really care if they shave their legs with a green blade…but Men wouldn’t be caught dead with a pink handle in their hands…maybe they have their pricing backwards.  The men purchase quickly and don’t think twice.  They will be more apt to buy the more expensive product.  But women are more likely to comparison shop and less likely to care if they shave with a green handle or a pink handle…

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