Laura’s Cheap Trick #7

Turn off the A/C or Heat and Open the Windows!

So right now we are in the heart of August in the DC area.  This time of year it is hot and muggy to the point you don’t bother doing your hair, it only frizzes up two seconds later.  This is not normally a time of year we would every consider turning off the A/C.

Ah Ha!  But alas the weather turns in a heartbeat and right now we have 3 days in a row or delightful weather.  Yes, it gets up to high 80s during the day but the humidity is low and a breeze prevails.  I am fortunate to live with a husband who shares my desire to OPEN the windows.  We gleefully shut the system off, turn on a few ceiling fans and open the windows.  The sounds of summer float in with the light breeze and it seems to lighten all our moods along with the weight of the monthly electric bill.  Same is said in the winter.

Our kids have learned that we go at least two months in the spring and two in the fall where there is no central air in our house.  And we are able to save several hundreds of dollars annually.


About laurascheaptricks

Laura is a mom entrepreneur who owns a successful television production company in the greater Washington DC area. As the daughter of a couple of WW2/victory garden parents she is a free - associative thinker and often explores new and more efficient ways to accomplish tasks and save money. "I come by naturally."
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