Laura’s Cheap Trick #32

Become an Investor in the Self-Lottery.

Have you ever watched those mega million lotteries build up in value to the $100, 200, over 300 million mark and wonder why not me?  We watch with envy those few lucky stiffs who walk away with $67 million and start imagining how our lives would change with that kind of cash infusion.  The people we would buy homes for, the charities we would fund. The new cars we would drive, even the choice phrase or two we might say to an old boss.

But as to the the reason why not me…take a quick look at the fine print.  A little something called “odds of winning.”  There you will find millions of reasons as to why not you or even me.

So I am faithful investor in my own self-lottery.  I give myself $1 every day and guess what?  I WIN every day!  Every year I am able to claim that I have won $365.  It’s amazing but true!  Keep a piggy bank off to the side and any money you would have used to purchase a lottery ticket or scratch off place in the bank…and when you are need of a little pick-me-up in life open up the bank and wee how much you have won.


About laurascheaptricks

Laura is a mom entrepreneur who owns a successful television production company in the greater Washington DC area. As the daughter of a couple of WW2/victory garden parents she is a free - associative thinker and often explores new and more efficient ways to accomplish tasks and save money. "I come by naturally."
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