Laura’s Cheap Trick #38

Buy it Used. – Books

Plain and simple.  Does it really matter if you buy it new or used?  I have been following this one since college when we had the opportunity to purchase our college textbooks at a 30-50% savings.  I pity the children in years to come when all text book as are digital and the manufacturer will never have a used book to sell.  A student can never sell them online and the publisher will own all the rights all the time.  Re-connect and refresh and your book may be edited unbeknown to you.  But for the few years to come you will still be able to purchase and hold an actual book in your hands.  Touch the pages and know how much is left.   So look for the used options.  Our church sells used books to raise money for our mission causes.


About laurascheaptricks

Laura is a mom entrepreneur who owns a successful television production company in the greater Washington DC area. As the daughter of a couple of WW2/victory garden parents she is a free - associative thinker and often explores new and more efficient ways to accomplish tasks and save money. "I come by naturally."
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