Laura’s Cheap Trick #50

Replacing an Old Hot Water Heater?  Consider Buying an On-Demand Heater.

You still may have to wait for water to flush through the pipes before the warmth hits your shower but you will no longer be heating water in a large tank and running out when you are the last of 6 showers taken in the am.

Check out some of these reasons why to go tankless.

However it is NOT for every climate and household…In some cases the cost may out-weigh the benefit…go into it with your eye open.

Food for Thought Blog Post – written in 2007 – with a follow up in 2011

Consumer Energy Center – various options to consider


About laurascheaptricks

Laura is a mom entrepreneur who owns a successful television production company in the greater Washington DC area. As the daughter of a couple of WW2/victory garden parents she is a free - associative thinker and often explores new and more efficient ways to accomplish tasks and save money. "I come by naturally."
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