Merry Making: 50 Things To Do With Kids In December

Merry Making: 50 Things To Do With Kids In December

Fun Article from Domestic Simplicity. Enjoy.

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November 14, 2011

50 Things To Do With Kids in December:

  1. Go out and look at Christmas lights
  2. Bake cookies
  3.  Pick out and put up the Christmas Tree
  4. Decorate the Christmas Tree
  5. Make an Ice Wreath
  6.  Make Cinnamon Applesauce and/or Salt Dough ornaments
  7.  Make and decorate gingerbread houses
  8.  Sing Christmas Songs
  9.  Visit Santa
  10.  Buy and donate toys for Toys For Tots
  11.  Help to wrap presents for friends and family
  12.  Act out the Christmas story
  13.  Make Reindeer Food
  14.  Make homemade Christmas color/glitter play dough (and scent it with peppermint) to give to friends
  15.  Make and decorate gingerbread people
  16.  Make popcorn and cranberry garland
  17.  Go on a sleigh ride
  18.  Make paper chains for the Christmas tree
  19.   Write a letter to Santa
  20.  Watch a holiday movie
  21.   Check out holiday books at the library
  22.  Leave out shoes for St. Nicholas
  23. Eat Candy Canes
  24. Hang stockings on the mantle or banister
  25. Put out the Nativity Scene
  26. Address and Mail holiday cards
  27. Pick a special family ornament for the year
  28. Make a special plate for Santa’s cookies and the reindeer’s carrots
  29. Go to see The Nutcracker
  30. Go to a holiday parade
  31. Go to a candy store for a holiday treat
  32. Tie bells with ribbons and hang them around the house
  33. Make cards and gifts for teachers
  34. Go to the dollar store and pick gifts for family
  35. Make special cards to send to cousins
  36.  Have a Random Acts of Kindness Day(s)
  37. Make cards to send to troops or to bring to a nursing home
  38.  Grocery shop just to take to a food bank or donation boxes
  39. Learn a Christmas song on the guitar or piano
  40.  Make a present for Santa
  41. Celebrate the Winter Solstice
  42. Make Winter Tea
  43. Make/Put out food for birds and squirrels
  44. Make orange and clove pomanders
  45. Look through favorite Christmas Cards from friends and family from years past
  46. Start a garland or photo album with your own family holiday cards from years past
  47. Prep and freeze a special breakfast for Christmas morning
  48. Make hot chocolate balls
  49. Make snow globes
  50. Do research on holiday traditions around the world and choose one to add to family traditions

*Inspired by my friend Maggie, who posted on Facebook that she wanted to think of one activity to do with her boys each day for Advent.

I’d love to hear your favorite holiday activities in the comments! This started as a list planning one thing to do each day with the kids during Advent, but it turned into more as I started to try to compile.  I also realize that this list mostly centers around Christmas-related activities, since that’s what our family celebrates, so I’d especially love to hear about traditions for other special holidays during this season of celebration.


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