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Laura’s Cheap Trick #85

Quick Home Made Snack! You have been asked to bring a plate of cookies and you have no time.  But the thought of plopping down a bag or Oreo’s does not appeal to you.  This fast recipe will be a … Continue reading

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Laura’s Cheap Trick #69

Make New from Old. As we head into the gift season it is time to prepare yourself for parties, and holiday gift giving that pushed the limits of American gluttony.   If you have the opportunity consider purchasing something new from something … Continue reading

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Great Gift Idea – Home-made Vanilla

Please check out this great post from: ChefandSteward.com I have shortened it a bit but you can read the entire post at the end-link. How to make real vanilla extract in time for the holidays Posted on October 9, 2011 by … Continue reading

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Laura’s Cheap Trick #27

Make it Yourself. (Food Specialties) Homemade jam, yogurt, cookies, pies, bread…all of the above.  Make it yourself.  It is better tasting, better for you, and a personally rewarding result. This tip came about when my daughter began the great school … Continue reading

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